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Citizen Participation Request Form

Fayetteville Board of Education Meeting

Citizen Participation Request




I request that the Fayetteville Board of Education allow me five minutes (maximum) to address the following issue(s):

Board policy or practice

Building and grounds


An agenda item from a previous board meeting


Name of agenda item



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Citizen participation is reserved for individuals who qualify as listed below. I am a (check all that apply)

Patron (current resident in the Fayetteville School District)

Parent of a student in the Fayetteville School District

Employee of the Fayetteville School District


I hereby agree to the following conditions when speaking:

1. Avoid references, statements or conduct reasonably likely to result in disruption or undue delay in the orderly transaction of the business scheduled for consideration by the Board.

2. Avoid personal attacks of any identified individual or group.

3. Refrain from cumulative or repetitive remarks.

4. Refrain from obscenity, vulgarity or other breach of respect.

5. Refrain from words or statements which, from their usual construction and common acceptance, are construed as insults and tend to breach the peace.

6. Comply with the time limits for public comment.


Failure to comply with the above rules of decorum may result in either a temporary or permanent suspension of citizen participation.


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