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January 3, 2018

Dear families in Fayetteville Public Schools,

Fayetteville, like much of Arkansas and the United States, has experienced significantly increased number of Influenza (flu) cases over recent weeks.

Since October 1, 2017, over 14,000 positive influenza tests have been reported to the Arkansas Dept. of Health online database by health care providers.  Washington County is one of fifteen counties in the state with the most reported cases of flu. 

Fayetteville Public Schools is very concerned with the health and safety of our students, families, and staff.  If your child is experiencing flu-like symptoms, do not send him/her to school.  If your child becomes ill during the day, he/she can see their school nurse, who can advise them and you. 

If you are diagnosed with flu, there are medications that can help reduce the severity of the virus, but these medications are most effective if you begin to take them as soon as your symptoms begin.  For additional information for symptoms of Influenza and Common Colds, please go to this link:

You can review the illness policy for Fayetteville Public Schools at:

Thank you for helping to keep students and families healthy,

Melissa Thomas, RN
Director of Health Services
Fayetteville Public Schools

Melissa Thomas, Health Servcies Director

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