Gradebook Information (TAC 3.1) and Password Help

Teacher Access Center(TAC) 3.1 Instructions - Teacher Gradebook

Teacher Access Center (TAC) is a web-based student information system that allows teachers to view and record information about their students. TAC can be used by teachers, substitutes, and activity advisors. Information is available in a variety of areas: Attendance, Grading, Discipline, and more.

Important Computer Requirements when accessing TAC 3.1
Any OS for Windows that will support the required browsers:
-Internet Explorer 9.0 (10 in compatibility mode)
-Firefox 44 and prior 4 versions
-Safari 5.1.7
-Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or higher
-Chrome 4.7, 4.8
-MAC OS X with the required browsers:
-Safari 5.0.5
-Firefox 11.x

Logging in to Teacher Access Center (TAC) 
Link to Teacher Access Center

All usernames will be preceded by 7203
For example, Shanna Troutts login would be

Three unsuccessful login attmempts will result in the user being locked out for 30 minutes. The user must wait 30 minutes to try to login to TAC 3.1 again.

TAC 3.1 Single Sign On (SSO) Password Management

DIS has a self management program set up that will allow you to change your passwords yourself.  You must go to the link below and register. Part of the registration process creates security questions and answers that will allow you to retrieve your password in the future should you forget it.
Password Managment

If you need to reset your password, click the link above and choose Forgot your Password.

a user gets permanently locked out, please email your username and your request to:

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