NWACC Concurrent Credit

Early College Experience


Early College Experience (ECE) is a partnership between NWACC and Fayetteville High School. ECE provides an opportunity for students to simultaneously earn high school and college credit by enrolling in concurrent credit courses.  Concurrent courses are a semester in length but yield 1.0 high school credit and between 3 to 4 college credits.

Students may not select concurrent credit courses during the CAP process.  Interested students must complete the following steps:

1. Carefully read all of the FHS NWACC Concurrent Credit Handbook

2. Complete the 22-23 FHS Concurrent Credit Application by February 26th.  Students will receive a PDF version through email that must be signed and returned to Mrs. Norman in the Phase 3, 3rd floor admin office or through email at deanna.easton@fayar.net.

3. Bring proof of your Score Requirements for Concurrent Courses by February 26th to the Phase 3, 3rd floor admin office or email to deanna.easton@fayar.net.

4.  Mrs. Norman will verify your 3.0 GPA requirement and email you a link to apply for the ECE program at NWACC. The deadline to submit the application to NWACC is FEBRUARY 26th. It is CRITICAL you use the link that is emailed to you. As long as you are in high school, you won't do anything directly through NWACC or from their website.

5. NWACC will notify FHS of your ECE acceptance. Mrs. Norman will update your course requests in eSchool and notify you by email.

Questions? Contact Deanna Norman: deanna.easton@fayar.net