ALLPS Senior End of Year Check Out  May 4th-5th

Dear ALLPS Seniors and Parents,

In efforts to ensure we are following the guidelines for social distancing by the CDC, we would like to have our seniors complete a variety of year-end checkout items simply by driving through our campus to drop-off and retrieve materials.  See below for details:

WHO: Graduating Seniors (Class of 2020)

WHERE: ALLPS (East side of the building - between Bike Shop and Track Building)

WHEN: Monday, May 4 - Tuesday, May 5, 2020 at 9 am to 2 pm on both days

WHAT: Senior Check-Out Information

  • Return school property (textbooks, uniforms, library books, anything the school owns) 

  • Chromebooks and chargers (if you do not wish to purchase $1.00 graduates only.) Payment is due by July 16th or Chromebook will be unusable for graduate students.

  • Distribute graduation signs (for those who were not able to pick up)

  • Distribute cumulative folders 

  • Distribute cap/gowns (Only paid items will be available for pickup) 

    • If student ordered while attending FHS or FVA, pickup at ALLPS 

    • Call Balfour office by Thursday 5:00pm to pay by phone to pick up on May 4-5th

    • If you need to order or are unable to pay your balance by May 4-5, contact the local office at 479-444-8822 or email

    • All items not picked up will be returned to the local office. Balfour’s office hours are affected by COVID-19 so families need to call. The company is aware of the unique needs of some families and is willing to assist in delivering senior products.

  • Important: We cannot ACCEPT MONEY for UNPAID BALANCES or take any orders.

Yearbooks and Honor Cords 

  • Must be picked up at Fayetteville High School, May 4-5 between 9-2 pm

  • FHS will require and scan your ID upon entry to the campus

  • NOTE: Honor Cords and Stoles will be available for graduating seniors who are eligible. Faculty sponsors of organizations that are approved for honor cords and stoles will be responsible for ordering them and will distribute them to students at a later 


  • Students will drive around through the One-way entry onto campus, passing the Outback building and Cafeteria to the East side of the building toward the driveway by the track parking lot. 

Follow the criteria below to get through the car line quickly:

  • Have your student ID ready 

  • Have items organized and ready to pass through the passenger side window.

We appreciate your cooperation as we check out seniors in the most efficient way possible. We will do our best to expedite the process. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any staff member or myself.  We look forward to seeing you next week!


Dr. Denise Hoy, ALLPS Principal