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Kelly Brown, Director of K-12 English Language Arts

Lorie Huff

Director of Math K-12


K-8 Playbook
Refrigerator Curriculum for Elementary, Middle Schools, & Junior High Schools

Mathematics Requirements for Graduation in Arkansas

7th-12th Grade Course Offerings

Our mathematics materials and routines are research-based and evidence-based for effective teaching and learning of mathematics. Teachers deliver learning experiences that provide space for students to ask questions, develop and use models, plan and carry out explorations, analyze and interpret data and the work of others, construct explanations, and engage in constructing arguments from evidence. Teachers utilize the 8 Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices to encourage and engage students in the 8 Standards for Mathematical Practice (AR Math QuEST Look Fors). 

If you would like to know more about your child’s curriculum please reach out to their teacher!

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Fayetteville Public School District Purchased and Supported Curriculum Resources


Publisher: Curriculum Associates

Titles: i-Ready Classroom Mathematics & i-Ready Online Adaptive Learning


Publisher: McGraw Hill
Title: Glencoe Math

Publisher: Curriculum Associates
Title: i-Ready Online Adaptive Learning

Algebra 1

Publisher:  Cengage/Larson
Title:  Algebra 1:  A Bridge to Success

Honors Algebra 1

Publisher:  Discovery Tech
Title:  DiscoverEd. Math Techbook Algebra 1 (online textbook)

Algebra 2

Publisher:  Glencoe
Title:  Glencoe Algebra 2

Honors Algebra 2

Publisher:  Glencoe
Title:  Glencoe Algebra 2

Algebra 3

Publisher:  Larson
Title:  Algebra & Trigonometry


Publisher:  Pearson (now Savvas)
Title:  Envision Geometry Common Core

Honors Geometry

Publisher:  Kendall Hunt
Title:  Discovering Geometry with Probability SE

Pre Calculus

Publisher:  Larson
Title:  Precalculus with Limits

AP Calculus AB & BC

Publisher:  Larson 
Title:  Calculus of a Single Variable

AP Statistics

Publisher:  Daren S. Starnes; Josh Tabor
Title:  The Practice of Statistics


Publisher:  Pearson 
Title:  Stats Modeling the World

Algebra 1

Publisher:  Cengage/Larson
Title:  Algebra 1:  A Bridge to Success