Statement from Dr. Colbert and the Fayetteville Board of Education

June 1, 2020

Statement From Superintendent Dr. John L Colbert and Members of the Board of Education

The mission of Fayetteville Public Schools is to personalize learning and exceed expectations every day in an inclusive and safe environment. This safe and inclusive environment is only achieved when each and every person is treated equally and with respect, and where all students and staff members feel welcome and safe from harassment, judgment, or harm.   

Our schools, classrooms, offices, and playing fields offer the opportunity to help us recognize, understand, and appreciate our differences.  We promise, as leaders, educators, community members, parents, and students that we will continue the work that enables us to achieve our mission, where each member of our school community is valued and respected.

We are appalled by the tragic events that have unfolded nationally. Beyond condemning these events, we promise to use the valuable platform that public education provides to foster community and to offer an equitable and excellent education to all of our students. 

We are committed to the principles of social justice, and we stand with all of our students and staff. 

Racism has no place in Fayetteville Public Schools.  #OneFPS.