Students wearing face masks

The Fayetteville Board of Education voted unanimously to accept the administration’s recommendation to revise Policy 1.19: Wearing Masks and Face Coverings effective April 26, 2021. The revision will allow students and staff members to remove their masks for outside activities like recess and P.E. Masks will still be required for all students, staff, and visitors when they are inside district buildings, and social distancing will still be practiced wherever possible. 

The Board also approved a revision to Policy 1.20: COVID-19 Screenings. The revision removes the requirement for temperature check screenings for students, staff, and visitors to school buildings. 

“The latest research suggests that the rates of virus transmission are significantly reduced when students are outside,” said Superintendent Dr. John L Colbert. “We recommended this revision to our policy to allow our students a little more freedom when they are outside. Our students and staff members have done an outstanding job of following our COVID-19 protocols, and that has enabled us to have an uninterrupted school year.”

Dr. Colbert added that the district will continue to closely monitor the situation and be prepared to make any necessary adjustments.