Mandi Beesler

Mandi Beesler, who is a special education teacher at Fayetteville High School has been named the 2021 Fayetteville Public Schools Teacher of the Year. The announcement was made on Monday afternoon during a called staff meeting at FHS. 

“I am very pleased to see this well-deserved honor come to Ms. Beesler,” said Superintendent Dr. John L Colbert. “My first teaching position was as a special education teacher, so I have a special place in my heart for those teachers. Mandi is the embodiment of the servant’s heart. She meets her students wherever they are in their abilities and works steadfastly to help them grow, learn, and succeed.”

“Mandi is one of the most dedicated teachers I know,” said FHS Principal Dr. Jay Dostal. “She has a heart for kids and works tirelessly every day to help our students achieve excellence based on their individual capabilities. Additionally, she is an outstanding member of our school community and devotes countless hours to Special Olympics and event management. Kids at FHS know her and they know that she cares about them.”

Ms. Beesler went back to college as a single parent of two young children and received her degree in Education in 2013. She has taught in Fayetteville Public School since 2013. Ms. Beesler is an advocate for special education, and she serves as a volunteer coach for Special Olympics. She also serves as president of the alumni association of the Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Northwest Arkansas.