New Directors

The Fayetteville Board of Education voted unanimously at the June 24 regular meeting to approve the appointment of three current staff members to the reinstated director positions for K-12 English Language Arts, K-12 Mathematics, and K-12 Science. The positions will become effective July 1.

Kelly Brown will take on the role of Director of K-12 English Language Arts, Lorie Huff will be the Director of K-12 Mathematics, and Lesley Merritt will serve the district as the Director of K-12 Science, and Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID).

“These individuals are highly qualified and are respected across the state for their expertise and contributions to K-12 education. Each leader will provide the tools and resources to support personalized learning, student growth, and a springboard for continuous improvement,” said Superintendent Dr. John L Colbert.

Brown currently serves as the Dyslexia Specialist for the district. She has served FPS for 24 years and has also held the position of classroom teacher. She is the co-author of the Arkansas Dyslexia Resource Guide.

Huff currently serves as the Mathematics Coordinator for the district. She has served FPS for 36 years and has held positions as a math coach and as a classroom teacher. She was elected to the board of directors of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics in 2018.

Merritt currently serves as the Director of Response to Intervention (RTi) and Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID). Merritt has served FPS for a total of seven years and has also held positions as Director of Science and as a classroom teacher. She served as a Science Specialist for the Arkansas Department of Education.

As Fayetteville Public Schools continues to focus on the needs of students, student growth will be supported in each school through research-based instructional strategies, formative assessment, data analysis, personalized learning, academic and behavioral intervention and support, and targeted support for students who need additional support.

“These leadership positions will provide important direction for teaching and learning in Fayetteville Public Schools. Each director will work with teachers and administrators to align the district’s programs with the needs of each learner. Each leader brings credibility, research-based instructional strategies, and experience,” said Dr. Steven Weber, Associate Superintendent for Teaching and Learning.

“Ms. Merritt, Ms. Huff, and Ms. Brown have been valued members of our administrative team for some time. The new opportunities expand the educational impact they will make each day for our students and staff members,” said Colbert.