Dr. Megan Duncan

Superintendent Dr. John L Colbert has announced a reorganization of the district’s central administration to include the promotion of Dr. Megan Duncan to Deputy Superintendent.

“Over the past four years, Dr. Duncan has provided excellent leadership as the Associate Superintendent of Support Services,” said Dr. Colbert. “She has managed millions of dollars in construction projects throughout the district, including the development of our new middle school, and expertly led our Support Services team through the challenges of the pandemic. I am pleased to see her rise to the position of Deputy Superintendent.” 

“I am humbled and honored to have been chosen to serve as Deputy Superintendent,” said Dr. Duncan. “The time I spent leading Support Services provided me with invaluable experience within the district, working with the many facets that impact the educational institution and the quality of the student experience. I look forward to continuing to learn from Dr. John L Colbert in my new role for Fayetteville Public Schools.”  

As Deputy Superintendent, Dr. Duncan will assist Dr. Colbert in the day-to-day operations of the school district, providing leadership and direction to all departments to ensure alignment and attainment of strategic plan objectives and goals. She will communicate with the school board and the community regarding district programs, will ensure compliance with state and federal regulations, and assist in district budgeting.

Dr. Duncan began her career as a substitute teacher and then as a teacher with the Bryant School District. She worked as a principal for the Wickes and Mena School Districts. She served as the superintendent for the Wickes and Elkins School Districts in Northwest Arkansas. She was appointed as the Assistant Commissioner of Education in 2013 for the Arkansas Department of Education, and she served as Associate Superintendent for the Springdale School District prior to joining Fayetteville Public Schools in 2017 as Associate Superintendent.  

She was named the 2013 Arkansas Superintendent of the Year and 2017 Arkansas Curriculum and Instruction Administrator of the Year. Dr. Duncan also teaches university courses to assist in the development of aspiring principals and superintendents across the state of Arkansas.

The Associate Superintendents of Teaching and Learning and Administrative Services will report to Dr. Duncan in her new role. Dr. Duncan’s previous position as Associate Superintendent will not be reassigned;  Dr. Duncan will continue the supervision of the Transportation and Physical Plant and School Services Departments. The Child Nutrition Department will join the Administrative Services Team, and the Information Systems and Technology Department will align with the Department of Communications.